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Heard of 'Town & country Shoes'? poss. 60's embroidered convertable bag

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Pinkcoke, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Kathy Sauer

    Kathy Sauer Registered Guest

    Hi, my name is Kathy and I worked for T&C for 20 years. I use to travel to Europe with John shopping for shoes. We had lunch about 5 years ago and it was wonderful to see him. I was so sad when I found out he had passed. I knew ever one in Sedalia. It was like one big family.
  2. James V. Lipscomb

    James V. Lipscomb Registered Guest

    Yes, it existed ! I am a son of the founder Vergil C. Lipscomb. My father had five children. Three by his first wife and my twin sister Judy and me. I have been to all of the factories several times with my Dad on our plane. He passed away in 1965.
  3. James V. Lipscomb

    James V. Lipscomb Registered Guest

    Yes, it was !! Dad And I.jpeg
  4. Joshua C. Lipscomb

    Joshua C. Lipscomb Registered Guest

  5. Joshua C. Lipscomb

    Joshua C. Lipscomb Registered Guest

    Good morning Jimmy! Glad to see you are standing up straight, I see back surgery is starting to agree with you eh? - (I love it)!....
    I found this thread a long time ago somehow ,,, You do resemble Grand Dad a lot! -
    FOLKS OUT THERE,,, THIS IS JAMES VIRGIL LIPSCOMB, - my half uncle, and still resides in Harbor Springs Mich.
    - Jimmy is a first off-spring of Virgil!! I CAN ATTEST TO THIS!, - JCL
  6. Shusteroo

    Shusteroo VFG Member

    I've just discovered this thread, many years after it was started in 2011... What an interesting read! I loved the photos, both from other members and from the family, and what a beautiful letter John left for his children.
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  7. UmmYeahOk

    UmmYeahOk Registered Guest

    This thread won’t die.

    Anyway, new member, so I hope I’m allowed to post links in my first post. My grandfather worked in shoes. I’m not sure for which companies or what cities, but I know one of them was Nordstrom’s, and he mostly worked in the Denton/Dallas/Ft Worth area during that time. I do not know how he acquired these, as they are radio ad spots for the Town & Country brand, and it would seem odd for a department store to have a need for vinyl records such as these.

    My grandfather passed away in 1991. I do not know how or when my mom got a hold of these, but I managed to rip and upload them to YouTube. These records were somewhat warped, and scratched, but they are still worth listening to. I honestly had the files created in 2021, and found this thread then, but it took me this long to finally compile them.

  8. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    What a great first post! Welcome and thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of history about this brand.

    It’s fine to post links as long they aren’t selling or promoting anything.
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  9. UmmYeahOk

    UmmYeahOk Registered Guest

    This particular forum won’t let me edit posts, so in addition to it being 2022 (not 2021) when I originally ripped the files, I needed to add new info about my grandfather. So he apparently worked at Nordstrom in Seattle selling women’s shoes. Somehow Town & Country liked his work, so they hired him as a sales rep for a different region. He had to move his family to St Louis for one year, where they were training him apparently. They provided the family with a rental home in Webster Grove. According to my mom, it was the nicest house she had ever lived in at the time.

    After that, he moved the family to Denton Texas, where he then got stores around the region to stock T&C. The records were most likely used at trade shows, if he wasn’t also the one getting radio stations in the region to play them. I know a few of the ad spots linked mention actual store locations.
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