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Let's talk DENIM!!!

Discussion in 'Let's Talk Denim 2005 By Route66Gal' started by route66gal, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Chris, sanforization is actually a patented process of shrinking and stabilizing denim before it is cut for garments. It was first used in the late 20s. Sanforized denim doesn't "shrink-to-fit". You'll often see it on vintage denim, but there are still items that crop up today (I often see it on overalls) that are labelled as being sanforized.

  2. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    I don't think I would put the shirt in the rockabilly category - I could see Lucinda Williams wearing it, though!

  3. Thanks Melanie :)

  4. Melanie, I just wanted to give a long overdue round of applause for this workshop and also answering our denim questions on adaily basis.

  5. This workshop will remain archived for future reference, all :)

    I will close the thread over the next few days.

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