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    T-U-S-S-I Label. 1970s?/1984 - 1987

    Owned by Australian Sidney Sernack.
    He traded under the labels Rain n' Shine, London Look, Mr Strange, Body Shop and Tussi and was known as the Man For Your Wardrobe. Retail outlet Quibbs in Rozelle, Paddington, Bondi Junction and the AMP building, Wholesale Cash and Carry in Pitt Street, and The Underground boutique on Wynyard Ramp.

    Known for very glam 1980s formal dresses, women's suits and coats.

    Sernack's decision to specialise in ladies' coats and suits brought instant success. His ability to anticipate the trends, and to source materials and designs from London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, saw his business grow and diversify during the 1970s and 1980s. Despite a number of financial and trading failures, he reached the pinnacle of his fashion career in 1984 when the Tussi label won the After Five section of the FIA awards.

    Cannot find any record of either Rain N Shine, the parent label, or of Tussi after 1987. Tussi doesn't appear to have existed before 1984.

    Dress I have is green taffeta and black velvet formal (prom) dress.

    Screenshot_20190830-160049_Etsy.jpg 20190830_160140.jpg 20190830_160154.jpg Screenshot_20190830-160049_Etsy.jpg 20190830_160140.jpg 20190830_160154.jpg
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    Here are two early (I believe circa 1967-1970) Polo labels (they are from neckties)

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    I have some information about this label from the designer's son, Ken Rudolph:

    This is from a 1940s skirt suit.

    This hang tag image came from Ken Rudolph. I don't know the year from which it dates.

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