Which came first the chicken or the necklace?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by lindapoirier, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I have old annuals 1920s to 1960s. Thanks to you Linda I am now on hunts to spot vintage theme sweaters and necklaces.
    Will report back with any finds. I so love vintage and history.
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    I have been known to search the WORLD WIDE WEB for a Kobe charm and even fall over for a google-eyed charm but I had never come across a charm jewelry kits. Oh my, this blew my mind. So I managed to find one from the 1930s!


    And one from 1950. It is my official new favorite thing. I am going to frame it.



    And finally I found a mint condition one from the 1960s!!


    Does anyone else have any of these??? I never even knew they existed until very recently.
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    Thank you! I think so too. I really wish, I knew more about these. I always thought that charms came from gum ball machines or as Cracker Jack prizes. This is a whole new area that I just didn't know about.

    While on celluloid. I tend to love the primary color celluloid and I managed to find the belt buckle only just a few daze ago. It is almost identical to the brooch but the buckle has a cream color (probably white originally). This is Celly!

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    I framed the Charm Craft Kit!! I thought you might want to see.

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    I recently got this beauty. I have another in forest green.

    Does anyone have specific info. on these lockets? Both have a side for photo and then a mirror opposite. Both have regular link then a twisted link chains. The green one I have is slightly more dainty.

    I suspect late 20s but I know most would put them squarely in the 1930s.

    il_fullxfull.616300988_9ofh.jpeg il_fullxfull.616425097_bdyt.jpeg
  8. lindapoirier

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    No input?

    I also got a couple of other pieces recently. I haven't bought celluloid in a really long time. A bracelet.


    Another necklace.


    I had never seen a bracelet before. Have you ever seen celluloid link bracelets?
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    I recently found this image of an old 30s celluloid chain. I have decided to buy some spiral chicken leg tags and make my own. I will keep you posted. I got 100 of each colour: red, blue, yellow and green. Number 10 tags ( about 9/16 "). I have often wondered witch came first the chicken leg tag or the necklace. If you look at the close-up you will notice that the loops are glued together. Each one. This makes me think that it was the chicken leg tag that came first because they were glued together. Cut and glued. If you check my other necklaces... all from the early thirties you will see loops left in tact... meaning they spiral around to a point. I think the person who made that yellow necklace, for instance, left the chicken tag in tact. Edit here to explain that the larger the diameter of the loop the less amount of coil on the loop. The yellow necklace is made from a number 6 or 7 tag. The number 10 tags overlap just a tiny amount barely making one complete circle. This might account for why some necklaces were cut and glued. The person who made the multi-coloured necklace cut and glued all 240 loops.



    These are some of the different celluloid necklaces that I own. Notice the different variations in patterns!!!!! Amazing. Another fact pointing to the idea that they were chicken tags that different people (women/ girls probably) made in to different versions of jewelry.

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  12. lindapoirier

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    Thsnks MJ. I am almost positive the chicken came first. Even during The Great Depression women found ways to create beauty. IMO! In fact I find these relics to surpass gold and diamond versions of adornment. IMO!!!
  13. lindapoirier

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    My "brand new" chicken leg tag necklaces. I did not cut and paste the #10 bands nor did I cut and paste the #4 bands. I did make both using the exact same method.


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    Working on a demented rabit necklace. Do you think the saws are a hare too big? Photos with and without to judge. It's still a work in progress but I wanted some feedback.


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    Oh, when I ordered the saws (vintage cake toppers???), I had to order minimum amounts so I had extras. This is what I did with the extras. 20160415_150642.jpg
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    Yeah, I will keep searching for the "perfect" accent pieces. Sometimes I think I have more fun searching through odds and ends than I do completing my necklaces.

    Thanks for your input and compliments. I wore my necklace tonight. Everyone loved it.
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    Still looking for the right adfition to the demented rabbit necklace. However, I added the demented, googly-eyed cat charm to my googly-eyed necklace.


    Also started a clear loop sautior necklace with a Japanese theme. Kids collected kobe charms on the big celluloid loops. That is a fan charm and a Geisha that opens.


    Finally, I bought these, I believe Tom Corbett charms on Ebay ($14). I just put them on a vintage clear chain.

    2016-06-20 19.37.49.png
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