A new vintage resource available online now:

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  1. vintagemerchant Administrator

    thanks to the Queens of Vintage for their blog noting that a collaborative effort between FIT and the New York Public Library is now available online...

    "André Studios 1930-1941
    Fashion Drawings & Sketches in the Collections of FIT and the New York Public Library"


    looking forward to perusing this later this evening....
  2. MissRita Trade Member

    Thanks for sharing this Mary, loving the sketches!
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  3. joules Trade Member

  4. vintagemerchant Administrator

    how on earth could I have missed that, Joules? lol...
  5. joules Trade Member

    We have a lot going on at this time of year, it's totally understandable!

    Not to mention the horrific Mercury Retrograde; can't wait for it to end.
  6. MissRita Trade Member

    LOL Joules, I follow the astrological periods too, oh the dreaded retrograde Mercury!

    Too funny, I thought this was familiar but it only today that I really checked through the site. Fab sketches!
  7. EndlessAlley Trade Member

    Wonderful information! Bookmarked sight. Lovely sketches and a great resource.
  8. essentialvintage Registered Guest

    What a brilliant resource, thanks for sharing :)
  9. Mobocracy Registered Guest

    Thanks for the info! I have been working on getting a better grip on the products that are coming into our store and figuring out, well, everything vintage! I kind of dove in head-first, very great to find a solid forum to help me out!

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