Risque Bathing Suits

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    I found these photos in the blog - "History by Zim". The first is 1922 near Chicago - Two bathers are escorted off the beach by a police woman for breaking a law banning "abbreviated bathing suits." If you look in the background there are others being rounded up - it must have been some kind of daring "sit in."

    The original caption on the second photo reads: "Bathing beauties being arrested for defying a Chicago edict banning abbreviated bathing suits on beaches."

    The shame! Swimsuits-in-public2.jpg Swimsuits-in-public.jpg
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    I never know whether to trust those 'news' images. So many times they hired a couple of showgirls and alerted the press before the cops arrived, so the whole thing was set up. Funnily enough, the only arrest made for wearing a monokini in public also happened in Chicago. In that case it was a wannabe actress who wore it expecting to get arrested for the publicity.
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    I hadn't thought of that Jonathan. Certainly is possible.
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    That second picture is a hoot!

    Interesting that they're wearing socks of some kind with their bathing suits...
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    thanks for sharing, Amanda!
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    Hilarious for sure. I am sure it was all very scandalous and talked about for months and months.
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    What a fabulous post! It is a shame that some of the "suits" women walk out in today are not deemed unseemly enough for the same treatment...!
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    We've come a long way baby!

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