1920's Dressmaker's Label

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    Hello all! I've discovered this wonderful dress in the collections I work in and my search for any information has gotten me no where. The label is slightly shattered, but it reads:
    Nina Caron
    11, Rue d'Alger, Paris

    Below is the label. In case the style or something looks familiar to anyone, attached are also an image of the dress and a close up of the embroidery.


    IMG-0515.JPG IMG-0514.JPG
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  2. Jonathan

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    It's definitely a good address, just off St. Honore. The present day Balenciaga is at the corner and Missoni is across the street. So it was a good maker. She may not have been a member of the couture syndicate, so that could be why you aren't finding out much about her. I have never heard of her and there are hundreds of really good couturiers in Paris who are really hard to track down, or completely off the research grid. She may have been one of the couturiers who tended to copy, rather than originate designs, of which there were many. They tended to be easier to book appointments with if you were from out of town, and they were a cheaper. The embroidery looks machine done to me, or if done by hand, done very quickly as it lacks the sort of exactness you would expect from an haute couturier.
  3. etw1987

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    That's the feeling I got and as I know it was worn by a woman who traveled a lot with a good deal of excess income I had a hunch it was a smaller/unknown couturiers, as that's likely what her time table would allow. Thank you so much!
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    I'm curious what the figure at the top of the embroidery is meant to be doing? The skirt is suggestive of a woman and I can only think that stick is meant to be a gun, as there are animals in the fauna depicted, but that would be an unusual feature on a dress for sure! Any other ideas?
  7. etw1987

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    Honestly, I'm not sure myself, these are my current ideas:
    bat & ball (what may be her other arm looks to be holding a circle of some kind, which, coupled with the stick makes my modern brain go ball)

    Unfortunately, what I do know about the donor doesn't help in this situation. It was part of why I was hoping the label may be familiar to someone. I was hoping maybe coupled with a few pieces it'd help with a theme or something, but alas, not at this point in time!

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