1930s fashion inspired by the movies/designers - An article in the Smithsonian

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    There's an interesting article in the Smithsonian Magazine (HERE) about the influence the movie studios once had over fashion. A dress worn by Joan Crawford in the movie "Letty Lynton" which was the creation of costume designer Adrian (Greenberg) is cited as the beginning of this association.

    "That single gown marked a moment in American fashion—one in which costume designers in Hollywood, not couture houses in Paris, started telling American women what to wear. It was the beginning of an era of film-inspired apparel that brought silver-screen looks into the closets of ordinary women. "

    the Letty Lynton dress.jpg

    The Letty Lynton dress.

    Samuel Goldwyn of MGM was the exception. He brought Coco Chanel to the U.S. to design costumes for his films in a short-lived collaboration.


    As the influence of the studios over actors diminished, so did their role in fashion.
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