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1940's dress info

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by pauline, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    1940\'s dress info

    I feel a little odd posting this as I not been here in ages.
    I bought this dress and jacket have no info on it,



    I am told it's 1940's the label is Young Viewpoint of New York I think it a sort of Rayon. Any info on it would be appreciated many thanks Paul.
  2. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Beautiful suit, and it looks very nice on you too - I'm going to go for early fifties, although I'm unfamiliar with the label. Great colour too.
  3. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    yeah, colour really suits you! l'm with the early 50;s also ahs it been shortened a tad..

    nice to see you on the boards again!
  4. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    Oh thank :hiya: so much, I was thinking to myself late 40's what's a couple of years
    Early 50's is cool by me.
  5. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  6. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    In agreement with everyone else, and that color is positively smashing! It's one of my favorite colors (if you ever want to sell that suit, I'm all over it!)

    Looks great on, too! Thanks for sharing....
  7. Is it cerise?
  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    I hate to be the voice of discord but I am leaning more towards the late 50s. The jacket isn't cut close enough to the body with a multiple button closure - it's too open and unstructured - more late 50s in style, especially with the 3/4 sleeves and hip-line length jacket, I would expect it to be fitted a little longer over the hips for the early 50s.
  9. Coutureallure

    Coutureallure Alumni

    I agree with Jonathan. The 3/4 sleeves and the hot pink color say late 50's to me as well. It looks really nice on you!
  10. thevintagebungalow

    thevintagebungalow Trade Member

  11. :hiya:

    Paul you look terrific in that suit - very becoming!

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