1940s menswear suit re-worked as a womens’ suit?

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    So, I’m not sure where this suit came from, or if refashioning a mens’ suit for a woman was indeed a thing in years past. I found this suit in a Kansas City thrift shop years ago, and it appears to be a suit for a Mr L. Brumfield, but repurposed to fit a female body. But: what is this thing?! Was it common to repurpose a mens’ suit for a female form? And WHAT IS THIS SUIT? photos here: https://imgur.com/a/i7NU2Sr
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    I've had a couple of these before, so I think it was somewhat common.

    I love the look of your suit and how it retains the elements of a men's suit - especially those lapels!
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    There are 'make do and mend' how to books and panphlets from the war about remaking men's suits into women's suits. With the men off to war, a lot of suits languished away in cupboards, so why not put them to good use... The museum has one example in its collection.
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    I have seen the patterns and directions for reworking a man's suit for a woman's use-1940's war time. Also much of the wool cloth production was going to uniforms, so fine woolens were less available. I have had more than one. Jonathan, I think one of the newsletters I donated to you has an article and directions.
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