1970s sweater?

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    I recently purchased a lovely sweater, i'm quite new to collecting vintage items, i need help on estimating at about how old this piece is? it's a quite "rare" brand i'm calling it rare for now because i researched it and nothing really comes up, the tag is quite odd. 534C407F-7C24-4341-9742-441209ED62FB.jpeg CF7F7246-2513-42BD-87C1-4063691DBCEF.jpeg 5EC8CB8E-3BC4-4DC7-8EB6-17DBFFF02327.jpeg 54309E45-5744-47BE-BB02-553028C92A72.jpeg
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    If you would kindly upload the photos here, we’ll be able to help.
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    Sorry about that! Here they are BEAFF634-1A30-4541-A049-48865024B2FC.jpeg 5F84D10C-F2D2-44CF-8EA3-0C6A6F458407.jpeg D19B3C50-330A-4E8B-B47E-81C67C00A431.jpeg
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    Thanks for the photos. Looks like a comfy chenille.

    Miss Lucci may be a European brand. There are several photos of Miss Lucci sweaters online, but otherwise, like you discovered, info is scant.

    I’m not sure of date. possibly 80s with that color block pattern and boxy cut. Looking forward to what others think.
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