1980s or modern?

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  1. lindapoirier

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    I found two interesting pieces. I think they are modern but they also have an 80s feel. What are your opinions?

    Surf shorts. I love the nod to Lichtenstein! Edit. I see the company started in 1991.



    Dress. I am sure Le Chateau was around in the 80s. Are they still in business? I know the store in the mall here closed. Edit. 1959! That was a surprise.


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  2. bycinbyhand

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  3. StitchesandSnags

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    I think these are both from the 1990s.
  4. stainedglass

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    The shorts are modern. I definitely remember them and other Volcom items with similar prints just a few years ago.
  5. lindapoirier

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    Thanks, I kind of thought so but board shorts are always so full of designs that I find it difficult to date them. You know how paisley shouts 1960s, there are no set design markers like that in board shorts, or at least I can't differentiate decades.
  6. poppysvintageclothing

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    They began in Montreal, Quebec in 59
    here is the history and they are still in business...

    Their Montreal shop actually had s a small section that offered vintage clothing for a brief time back in the late 1970s. I remember going to check out those racks quite frequently.

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