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    SF is the only airport in the world that has a museum. Here are some images from an exhibit several years ago that include 20s fashions.

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  3. claireshaeffer

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    Are they wonderful!
  4. Midge

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    Beautiful - the right way to spend some time waiting around at an airport!

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a museum too though - a mini-version of the Rijksmuseum with about 10 paintings. Hongkong airport has small displays talking about their manufacturing history... some old ads, vintage scarves and shoes. Very small though.
  5. Jonathan

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    That museum in SF is some kind of commercial enterprise that has an agreement with the airport - it's not actually the airport itself. They contacted me about a shoe exhibition and hedged answering most of my questions about conservation, loan fees, etc. but when I finally got an answer it turned out they wanted to borrow the stuff for free! I declined.
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    Thanks, Jonathan, they claim to own it, but all claims are not true.

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