30s or 40s on this dress?

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  1. carla rey

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    Hi all!

    It feels 30s to me but I keep second guessing myself. Slub rayon with art deco 'belt' and epaulets in soutache and corde. Hard round 30s buttons on the back of the neck. Modern zipper is a replacement. No shoulder pads, no label. Skirt appears to be taken up at some point but is 28.5 inches from the waist to hem with 3 additional inches in the hem.

    Thanks in advance!
    LabelsandDetails-9677_RT.jpg LabelsandDetails-9678_RT.jpg LabelsandDetails-9679_RT.jpg Dress30sBlackDecoChristine-9048_RT.jpg LabelsandDetails-9680_RT.jpg 2019-05-14 10.00.25.jpg Dress30sBlackDecoChristine-9065_RT.jpg Dress30sBlackDecoChristine-9067_RT.jpg
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  3. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    What a great dress. To confuse the issue, I see 1930s. However, not knowing the original length makes it harder to date.
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    The shoulder treatments have a bit of a military/epaulet vibe so wonder if it could be late 30s/early 40s WW2 impending influence?
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  5. carla rey

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    I'm going to go with cusper on this one :)

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