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    Hi Everyone!

    I just bought a new dress at a vintage sale a few days ago. It looks to me like a “typical” Hawaiian halter dress from the 50s. It has metallic leaf prints, boning in the bodice, shirring, built-in bra and a full circle skirt. But it also has a Frederick of Hollywood label.

    I wasn’t familiar with that brand before, and when I searched it, I saw they mainly produced underwear, and dresses too, but could not find any images with similar style dresses made by Frederick of Hollywood. I saw two dresses with the same pattern just other color before online, but those dresses didn’t have labels.

    Is there anyone who knows anything about this dress? Is it possible that it’s really a Frederick of Hollywood dress?


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    Thank you for your fast reply. I was just wondering if they really made these Hawaiian type of dresses. :)

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