70s (?) Lanvin skirt - is this Couture?!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by Esther, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Esther

    Esther Registered Guest

    Hello everyone,
    I acquired this gorgeous Lanvin printed cotton maxi skirt recently. I think it's from the 70s, maybe late 60s?
    I wonder if it is couture because of the number printed on the label.
    IMG_20190203_131617.jpg It is a faux wrap skit that actually closes with a metal zip and a button. There is a lot of hand sewing, apart from the side seem i think all the sewing is done by hand.
    But then, i imagine that a couture piece wouldn't have a size indication? The bigger label also says "Destination: shop".
    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    It's not couture - it's boutique, which is high end ready to wear, and is a registered design. The maxi length with the bold Chinese-inspired floral pattern suggests early-mid 70s to me.
  3. Esther

    Esther Registered Guest

    Thank you, Jonathan!

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