A few questions about a Skirt and Vest Hostess (?) Kay Silver outfit

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    hi Everyone,
    I have a few questions about this set....sorry about the photos they are not great.....
    1. Why is the vest so wide? The skirt has such a tiny waist and the vest seems so disproportionate?
    2. What do you call this type of fabric?
    3. Do I have the skirt on correctly with the pleated part at the front?
    4. What are these belt loop looking things on the waist?
    5. Is this a 60s or 70s set?

    Thanks for any help,

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    1. a 'wide' vest was the style then. This type of ensemble was meant to be worn with a big sleeve kind of blouse that you'd tuck in... kind of like a troubadour or pirate blouse. It wasn't disproportionate at the time, but the style. The scale is kind of a cross of Genie and traditional Turkish costumes.
    2. Fabric looks kind of like a brocade. How thick is it?
    3. Pleat is, yes, in the front. Skirt is supposed to 'look' like it could be palazzo pants but isn't. Another style of the time.
    4. Belt loop looking things are that. There was a matching or coordinating sash belt once. It might've also matched or coordinated with that big sleeved blouse that might've been sold with this.
    5. 60s or 70s... this one is a 60s/70s cusp piece, more on the late 60s side of the cusp. I had a pattern that was a similar ensemble but the skirt was shorter and it was dated 1968.
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