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    I found a Lilli Ann brown leather and faux fur swing coat (from what I believe was the London Leathers line). It's amazing, in great condition and was 75 percent off at Goodwill--costing only $5. I had to have it! There's one problem, though...the sleeves look like bracelet sleeves on me, and my modern tops and sweaters poke out. When I found the coat online, a seller noted that hers had sleeves that fit in a similar fashion (looking shorter); she thought maybe hers was a petite size. My coat does not have any tags other than the Lilli Ann San Francisco/Paris tag. So I'm not sure if this is a petite size, meant to have shorter sleeves...or maybe my arms are just long. Is it possible that I can compensate for lack of length with longer gloves? I don't want to look ridiculous, but when I saw that Lilli Ann tag out in the wild at such an amazing price, well, I just couldn't leave it! A photo is attached...sorry if it's a little blurry.

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    Good score! It looks like a 3/4 sleeve, meant to be worn with gloves that come up to cover the arm.
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    Check the faux fur for devil dust. Lilli Ann faux fur is famous for it.

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