A scarf Cate wore in ‘Ocean’s 8’

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    D3EFC4A8-C8AE-4112-98A2-DE424C9A9070.jpeg 34842935-AB0E-4271-A0CE-3EDD98FDE516.jpeg Hi!
    Looking for this long scarf worn by Cate Blanchett in and/or on the set of Ocean’s 8. I have a feeling it’s vintage, as costumer said scarves were vintage in an interview. (She’s wearing two scarves in these photos; I’m referring to the long patterned one.) Can anyone please ID the designer?

    Thanks in advance!
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    It is very difficult to know if this is silk or a lightweight wool. Very hard to discern. On first glance it looks more like a men's scarf from the 1940s or 50s to me. These were manufactured by companies, not a designer brand name, some did not have a label. Some of these older men's scarves carried the manufacturer's label like Tooke or Currie. This type of scarf is my personal favorite to wear in the fall and winter months.
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    Thanks for your quick reply, Mary Jane! I will scour the web for this or something similar.
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    We've sold several of these over the years, generally 1940s and quite often a silk rayon blend. They were quite often mens scarves or cravats. We had one that was definitely 1960s which we knew because of the label, made for a known department stores. So I'd try searching 1940s mens rayon cravats.

    They are now VERY popular with grooms. : )
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    Thank you, Mary and Cin! Yes, I was searching for "foulard." It's kind of a geometric/foulard thing.

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