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A. Sulka & Company - 50s(?) sleeping gown- need help dating

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by Elena Praga, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Elena Praga

    Elena Praga Registered Guest

    1C6C1B37-D6C0-42BA-95E4-E447B51667E2.jpeg 46602D15-CAB2-4C78-A527-6A07F76F7493.jpeg CB04A012-3A93-4601-82B1-C062E7464DD1.jpeg 959B88AC-04BA-4091-98AF-52CEEBD740AF.jpeg Hello All. I have stumbled across this exquisite sleeping gown by A. Sulka. I’m assuming it can be sent back to the 50s since Palm Beach is present on the label. The piece a relatively heavy is made of floral “textured” silk and lined with a solid yellow silk as well. Craftsmanship is amazing a lot of finishes are hand stitched. It’s a floor length, has two hidden side pockets and suggests it has a wide (3”) belt. Absolutely love it but would also love to get to know my piece better. Any comments are welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    Is it silk or rayon? It reads like silk in the pictures, but if you can, test it if you aren't sure. I don't like how the label is sewn in, which makes me suspcious - I thought Sulka only made and sold men's clothing?
  3. Elena Praga

    Elena Praga Registered Guest

    Thank you Jonathan. It is definitely silk - both sides. In my research I found that A. Sulka made and sold a very limited amount of women’s articles that probably makes it more rare. Based on the anecdotal clientele list, in theory this could have been a custom made piece. Interestingly it has no “care” label. It’s not like it’s been cut out from the seam, it looks like it never existed. I’d like to learn when those “care” labels started to be included. It can help in dating the piece. I’m open to additional thoughts/feedback. Thank you.

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