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Advice on Vintage shopping, Az,Tx, La?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by bluevelvetvintage, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. bluevelvetvintage

    bluevelvetvintage VFG Member

    Am hoping there are some people on this board from these areas. I'm heading out to Phoenix to help my little sister move to Florida. We'll be driving back. So to make the long road trip fun, I was hoping to buy some stuff along the way. Does anyone know of good places to buy vintage clothing in Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Baton Rouge or any other towns along Hwy 10?

    Thanks, Theresa

    Blue Velvet Vintage
  2. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    Hey Theresa;

    I only know about New Orleans. And I haven't been there is almost ten years.

    There is a store called "Value City" on Canal & Carrollton. Close to the freeway. It's large & it used to be cheap.

    Also there are tons of little junk stores in and around the French Quarter. The vintage stores there used to be relatively inexpensive, too.

    Sorry I can't help you more. But we do have members in Phoenix and Texas so maybe they'll see your post soon.

    Have Fun!
  3. bluevelvetvintage

    bluevelvetvintage VFG Member

    Thanks Leisa, sounds like fun rummaging through places in the French Quarter. Plus, I hear the food in New Orleans is fantastic. I'll have to check it out. Hopefully I'll get some more helpful hints about other places soon!


    blue velvet vintage
  4. camelbackcat

    camelbackcat Alumni +

    Hi Theresa,
    I live in Phoenix and can offer some advice. The vintage shops here are extremely expensive. But, there are often some good finds at Resale shops. There's not a lot of vintage, but there are occasional great finds. "My Sister's Closet" is on Camelback in Phoenix. There is also a "My Sister's Closet" in Scottsdale that is very good. Scottsdale has a few other great resale shops...I'll have to look up the names.
    Florence Crittendon Thrift Store on Central Ave., in Phx, is fantastic. It will close,for the summer, soon, but if you are here before Memorial Day, it should be open. It's only open Tues.-Fri. and the hours tends to be weird. The Auxillary League of Phoenix has a pretty good resale shop on 7th St. They, too, will be closing for the summer. The Clothes Silo, on Osborn, is another good place. Most of these places have very little vintage..and tend to be on the high side...but you can occasionally score BIG. Peoples' Thrift on 7th Ave. is fun place. There are some occasional good finds (especially in shoes). Goodwill, of course, is all over. It's worth noting, however, that the Goodwill at Roosevelt and 16th St. has a center where you buy by the pound. It's not for the faint of heart! I've found the GW at Thomas and 32nd St. to have some good things as well as the GW in Scottsdale. I sometimes find things at Savers on Bethany Home Rd. as well. There are a numbe of other Savers' in town. ARC on Central Ave. sometimes has some good finds and it's close to a GW and a Salvation Army. St. Vincent's has a thrift store on 7th St. near the Auxillary League as well. You might want to check out Buffalo Exchange on Missouri and 7th St. It's VERY hit or miss. There's another Buffalo Exchange in Tempe that seems to have better vintage. One other spot that can be good is Kivel's at 7th Ave. and Indian School Road.
    I'll let you know if I can think of some other good places. Now, that it is getting hot, the crowds tend to disappear and there's less competition in the thrift shops.
  5. bluevelvetvintage

    bluevelvetvintage VFG Member

    Wow, thanks a bunch, Joey! I'm taking lots of notes. I'd better tell my sister to leave room in her car for all my finds!

  6. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    Theresa -

    The food in Nawlins is the best in the universe! As is the music.

    A word of advice. If you decide to hang out for a day or two, the best music isn't on Bourbon street. Oh - it's good there, but the music Uptown at the Maple Leaf Bar & a few others close to it is a Lot better & the booze is cheaper, too!

    Have a good time!
  7. cosmiccowgirl

    cosmiccowgirl Alumni

    Hi Theresa, I'm in Austin and go to San Antonio to shop occasionally. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of luck there. The thrifts I have found some good items in are in the downtown area. But it's a pretty scary environment, especially when you're not from there and don't know where you're going. :) Wish I could help more, but I haven't been terribly impressed with the pickins there.

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