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  1. Alice M

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    Hello all!

    I have this Gold Crest bag. I have established a bit about Gold Crest online, but was looking for a more certain date please.
    I think most features are fairly well explained by the photos. The little balls that make up the outside are fairly shiny.

    Thank you in advance for your help,
    20190905_124221.jpg 20190905_124152.jpg 20190905_124144.jpg 20190905_124134.jpg 20190905_130409.jpg 20190905_130605.jpg 20190905_130726.jpg
  2. vintagebaubles

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    I think early 60s. That mesh bead-type fabric was used a lot around that period. And the 50s and 60s featured some of the coolest-looking clasps I've seen on bags. Your clasp is great! It might be late 50s, as the zipper looks old, but I get more of a 60s' feel, with that leather or vinyl trim and handles.
  3. Alice M

    Alice M Registered Guest

    Thank you for your help! I got a 60s feel and the research said 50s or 60s I think, so I am glad to know that my hunch was right. I must be getting better at this.
    The clasp is so lovely! And it's not stiff after all these years either which is great :). Not to just get some dust out from in between the beads. We have had 10 dust storms here this year and everything is slowly becoming dusty, even if it is in a cupboard!
  4. MaryLC

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    I love, love, love this !!!
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