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Are you swayed by pictures or words?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Living*Doll*Vintage, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. hatfeathers

    hatfeathers VFG Member

    One of my pet peaves is a dozen pics of the front of the dress, especially with a twiggy little thing in it covered in tatoos, with hair from last week's windstorm, and vamping for the camera....here's Sally with her hips shifted left, then right, then left with her hand on one, then right but smiling more, then both hands on hips but looking pouty....show me one or two great fronts, a nice side shot, the back full, then the bodice closer and any special details and be done with it.

    I won't read some grand story about how Sally met Roger on a ship and the wind was tossling his raven locks and she was horny....Zzzzzzzz

    I stick with this formula, with a small bit of jazz for flavor: Dress is this color; it has this fabric, that detail, it is flattering/curvy/ full/slim, it needs a slip, petti, coset or girdle; it's been cleaned, it needs a mend, had a mend; it was made by DesignerX, it has these measurements both in B/W/H but bodice and full length, plus hem fullness, sleeve length, cuff width and anything else that might make a diff to the body in it.
  2. Me too, i hit the back key fast if i see a live tiny skinny model,i dont want to see a dress pinned to model 4 sizes smaller than the dress or over fluffed with a enormous underskirt,i like nice pretty models with soft features, after all im buying the dress not the model and how it looks on her, the other pet hate i have is clothing laid on the floor, especially if the floor hasnt been covered with a sheet and theres kids/ toys/pets/last nights dinner plates etc in the background, it makes me think that the seller isnt worried how the item looks and then how do i know they arent misleading me with the description.
  3. I agree with all the pet peeves you all have mentioned. One other that gets to me- if your hand or fingers are in the shot, make sure they are clean. I don't mean movie star manicured, I mean just a little soap and water~ I know when I'm shooting pix my hands are far from pristine, what with prepping shoes and moving the mani, but I'm always aware of how clean my hands are when I handle clothing and need to show a purse held open~
  4. joules

    joules VFG Member

    I must see the label or tags. I really find them so telling, and I like to read a well-written description, with no grammatical or spelling errors. I love macro shots of the textile too!
  5. I agree with whoever it was above who mentioned it: if you're pinning it on the mannequin let us know and show it unpinned (or flat) - pinning can make the dress look very different, and give it a shape it may not have.

    Here's another one: by all means photograph a full skirted frock with a crinoline but please, also photograph it without. I'm not buying your petticoat so I'd like to know what the natural shape looks like. Oh, and speaking of crinis, please don't put them under dresses they weren't designed for. Not all full skirts are full enough for a crini, and that 1940s dress may be full but it probably won't look good with one as that wasn't what the design was about.

  6. LorrelMae

    LorrelMae Registered Guest

    Sorry I'm late!

    I personally, prefer photos. If I cannot make out a garment, by the photos, then, I don't go back.

    Flowery prose, or what have you, generally puts me off.

    Mostly, I look for basic facts. Measurements, fabric, style, etc...

    If the description does not match the images, I don't bother a second glance.

    I have had a few bad experiences, where I "neglected to ask questions".

    One said the purse was well loved, when in fact, it was poorly stored. (The top being completely eradicated from moisture.)

    So photos are the turn on/off for me!

    Show me a slew of pictures, front, left, right, bottom, top, ALL OF IT!

    Measurements are always a bit grey, so I tend to forgive them.

    I want a sense of the garment, and any flaws, or quirks it may have. To me, they are best described by photographs.

    !! Thank you, and sorry for the late post!!

    Sincerely, Sandi

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