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  1. emilyanneweber

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    I have a coat I recently acquired and can’t find any info on it. please let me know if I can show any more/better photos!

    it has bat wing sleeves, is like velvet on the outside with a rayon type lining. inside of the lining is basically like cheese cloth?! hand finished hem on the lining. I think the button is bakelite and has a glass gem in it.

    the belt is the same fabric as the outside of the coat, vinyl on the inside. says “Louis Turner Belts” on the inside of the belt but couldn’t find anything on that when Googling it.

    it has one snap closure and fits very snug at the waist, very small slit silk lined pockets at the hip.

    anyone have any insight?! I’m thinking 1920’s or 1930’s. it has no tags or markings other than on the belt.

    thank you!!

    09560BD9-BD0A-4D31-956F-DCE8387E5CAD.jpeg A7B342F2-36CD-4966-804C-84A6409F96D7.jpeg E20E26E6-8D99-415C-AE4B-41320C5E739B.jpeg 56EF4230-C4D4-4139-8BA0-6C6980EEBF22.jpeg 80668DC7-F7E2-48CC-BC47-D0EB7D8D2310.jpeg A7524E47-457F-49AB-9F9B-7E12DDDF37C2.jpeg

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  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    Interesting coat. It might be 1920s but hard to say for sure from the photos. What is the length? Can you show a full shot, and the back? Where does the belt sit when on a dress form/person? Can you show the sleeves, laid flat and fully opened up?

  3. emilyanneweber

    emilyanneweber Registered Guest

    it’s about mid calf length on me (I’m 5’), the belt sits right at the waist. I’ll add more photos :) I was too excited to post this, I took quick photos!
  4. emilyanneweber

    emilyanneweber Registered Guest

  5. The Vintage Stylist

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    I agree that it's likely from the later 1940s based on the cut and style. The "cheesecloth" textile is called interfacing. It lines the underside of the garment to allow rigidity and structure.

    If you rub the button between your thumb and forefinger until it "heats up" and you smell it and the odor is overwhelmingly like formeldehyde its likely bakelite.

    Hope this helps you.
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  6. emilyanneweber

    emilyanneweber Registered Guest

    thanks so much, so very helpful! I did read about the bakelite tip yesterday and though I’m not familiar with what formaldehyde smells like, it does have a scent when you heat it up.

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