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  1. I'm thinking by the look of the flowers on the flap this is a deco bag. Howeer, the dangles have me a bit puzzled.
  2. Shygarden

    Shygarden Trade Member

    That's a really nice bag! (I'm no help with a date, though)

  3. Laura

    Laura Alumni

    The style looks later to me, but I'm not a purse expert. There are other members who know a lot about bags, so they'll be able to help more! :)

  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    It looks newer to me as well, those little dangly things on the handle are something I have never seen on a purse from the 20s. The beadwork style looks newer as well. I would guess 1960s.
  5. Hi Carolyn, nice to see you here again!

  6. Laura

    Laura Alumni

    I was thinking 1960s, but I didn't want to date it without really being informed. It's nice to hear that my instinct was probably right.

  7. It was suggested to me that it might be Arts and Crafts period (late teens and early 20s), since they use the dangles. The lotus flowers are definitely a late teens early 20s thinkg. I may check with a museum. Wish I could get on Antiques Roadshow.
  8. Its hard when you can't feel it , touch it in person. By being able to inspect the interior, etc, and the beading, it does make a difference. do you have a photo of the interior? that might be more clear that it is early and not a repro.
  9. i meant a later bag
  10. The inside is not silk or taffeta (thought one can never tell-they do get relined). I'll try to get a decent pic and some closeups. I have a hard time doing interiors without showing my fingers.
  11. The configuration, how any pockets are attached, etc, are more important than manicure style LOL . I find sometimes if i also take a scan of the inner flap that sometimes works as the flash (unless taken in the sun) tends to bleach out fabric details.

    have you ever done a "burn test" on a loose thread to determine what the fabric is?
  12. Here are some more pics. Either it is 60s or has been relined (not very well, looking at the stitching).



  13. 60s flower power, I think. Peace and love.
  14. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    With the size , color and style of the beading and the type of lining, I agree with the 60s date. The hearts on the dangles are not a 20s - 30s motif, and the color combo and shoulder bag strap is much more 60s.

  15. Thanks so much, everyone. Drinks (or chocolate) all around :clapping:
  16. :booze:

    Bottoms up everybody :)

  17. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    My first thought was 60s also. The colours aren't right for art deco. I've never seen a purse with those dangle bits before, wonder if they had a purpose of some kind?

    I think this is a really cute and unique handbag.

  18. Just posting for ease.

    You are right on the combo sue as far as color. Carolyn (raincity) had another purse that had a little green in it that was earlier and it was more of a poision green....this is a little more grass green to me. It is still cute, though, and is unique!


    (not the older purse, just posting for people who have click problems)

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