Berkeley Vintage fur identification

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    603BA239-A334-4894-93FC-6B5A697BBA15.jpeg 09A3D5B7-D772-47F5-8D94-28164DF7EFA0.jpeg 72A3D0CF-B77B-4DAF-B2CA-AB6144C14E29.png 07203322-2F09-411B-852D-EA09E7E0EBD9.png 68613429-4871-4576-A161-AB77B79E0645.png FEAC0027-5C99-4E3A-BC61-B01CFF8FC1D8.png 4F7CC292-4B15-40D9-9D75-9C2653B5E7E3.png Hey could I get some help? @Furwise This fur is by Berkeley house of mink Burwood and I’m not sure whether it is muskrat or mink as the pelts look a bit longer thanks!
  2. Cheyenne

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    Do you think this is also mink or something else? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Furwise

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    Hi Cheyenne,

    The first one is muskrat and the second is mink.
  4. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne Registered Guest

    Thank you so much!

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