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Best site to sell.... ticked at e-bay please comment

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Jluthye, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. texastina

    texastina Registered Guest

    Hey Jennifer!! I am SO happy you are asking just great questions on here....it SO helps me learn too :) Thanks for all your links you left me on another post - it has all been so helpful and I, like you, am quite excited about selling/finding vintage - it's now like an addiction ;)

  2. anteekee_monkey

    anteekee_monkey Registered Guest

    Right on Tina! Addiction is an understatement, is it not?!

  3. TrickVintage

    TrickVintage Registered Guest

    Marty - thanks for your post. Generally, prices are set by supply and demand, and the "market" price for certain items. That's why I was asking. Generally, information on supply and demand as well as pricing trends are valuable in marketing research.

    I understand the concept of an online store - I do have an eBay store and have been running it for years. I also understand the concept of hard work as I put blood, sweat and tears into everything I do. I do hold a Bachelor's degree and have extensive business experience.

    and as far as "easy money", I very much realize that's an oxymoron :)
  4. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    I'm doing a "test" as we speak.
    I have one item on etsy & one on specialist auctions.

    Listing wasn't exactly easy on either.
    On specialist auctions, my pics refused to show up with their url addy, so I had to go back & load them from my pc. Good thing I'm such a hoarder! ;-)

    Anyway - I'm going to try to get a few more things listed on etsy, specialist & eBay (shudder!) asap as I'm po folk & I wanna buy more stock & get this 'show' on the road.
  5. anteekee_monkey

    anteekee_monkey Registered Guest


    You found it difficult to list on Etsy? I'm so surprised to hear that! I find Etsy to be incredibly user friendly and simple to list. So interesting! What was it that bothered you?

  6. borntoolatevintage

    borntoolatevintage Registered Guest

    If you have issues with listing at Specialist Auctions then come post on the boards. There is a board with advice on how to make listing easier and there's always someone on the boards to help with questions you might have.
  7. Check out www.retruly.com a new online vintage marketplace. We are 10 year ebay powersellers but have grown so fed up with the decline of ebay that we decided to create an alternative. After only a few months the response from other sellers has been fantastic so we are growing fast and will be investing a lot of time and money in making this a viable alternative that everyone seems to be searching for.
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  8. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

    I love etsy. It's my main shop BUT you can't be in just one place ever. I sell my high end stuff there but "preview" sell in the various FB groups and IG. I sell vintage lingerie on eBay. Got to always diversify.
  9. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality VFG Member

    While you can't search using keywords, there is a way to check the price of a sold item on this website http://www.flippertools.com/tools/etsySoldPrice/etsy-sold-price.htm

    You just need to type the URL of the item you are interested in.

    Also, another vote for Etsy here. I have been on it since 2011 and while they do do some funky stuff with the platform and some changes not always welcomed by its seller base (especially those selling vintage), I still think it's a superior selling venue.

  10. Joanne

    Joanne VFG Member

    I have been selling on Etsy for 4 years. You do have to promote via social media etc, and their search function could stand some improvement. I use Ebay for clearing out old stock, or for items that fail quality control, or are vintage style rather than original vintage. I think people are looking for cheap bargains on Ebay.

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  11. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Wow, this is an old thread. I was just reading and could not figure it out.
    Whew...Stay busy enough for my needs with 2 shops on Etsy.
    I still love Ruby Lane and always will.
    If a high volume lister it is still the place for vintage clothing IMHO.
    After Exclusive there for 5 years I just flat could not keep the pace.

    Is the retruly in Europe?
  12. Sartorial Eloquence

    Sartorial Eloquence Registered Guest

    I had a look at it and it appears to be UK based, which suits me so I'll probably try it out.
  13. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

    Question about retruly:

    How does it work if we're in the US? I notice that it's based in the UK but how to the UK and EU buyers know this? I wouldn't want items returned for non-payment of customs, if any, nor buyers confused why something doesn't arrive as quickly as they think.

  14. Good questions Cin. I was wondering the same. And also if we US sellers have to stand by the EUs requirements of returns.
  15. bycinbyhand

    bycinbyhand VFG Member

    If they pay through Paypal, I would assume yes. Wouldn't you? Wonder if this is transparent to customers.

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