Best way to measure a swimsuit??

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by LorrelMae, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. LorrelMae

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    I have a couple of suits, 40'-50's, one is marked a 34, I think I can list it as a small. The other is unmarked, and the stretchiness, in both, is VERY there. Like a girdle. Any suggestions on measuring, without buying a mannequin? I can get one, I just thought someone might have a trick to it, as swimsuits are very personal, and I'd like to give a good idea of the size without too much difference in measurement.

    If that makes a bit of sense!!??

    Thank you!

  2. Circa Vintage

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    I generally size them as small, medium, large etc as they're hard to be precise with. Of course, I have the luxury of a B&M where customers can try them on, which helps. The other size issue with them is body length: often the older ones are best for shorter ladies.

  3. LorrelMae

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    Thank you! I didn't think about body length, too, duh. I think I may do the S,M,L thing.
  4. eel

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    while tricky for swimsuits and undergarments, measurements really help.
    I used to lay it flat measure across bust, waist, hips, etc. Then stretch and take those measurements.
    For example
    'measurements Bust 17" will stretch to a max. of 19"

    also remind people that measurements are taken flat and doubled and that if it is marked 34, that is a VINTAGE size
  5. hatfeathers

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    I do darn near every part you can measure, plus I put in the measm's of my manni, and how it fit on her (snug, loose, baggy).
    Here's one that I have up now: Playsuit
    It's a play suit, but I fit them the same. Length from crotch to straps is really important for us long torso'd gals.
    I like to put the stretch in there, since you can vary on proportions with swimmies, much better than a fitted dress with no stretch. Women are sorta built with different proportions these days. Damn you Cheetos!
  6. eel

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  7. vertugarde

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    You have to be really careful measuring bust or 'cup' sizes on structured garments including swimsuits. The measurement should be taken from the inside by running a tape measure to follow the 'peak' bustline inside the cup form, If there is stretch in the fabric then it's a given that there is some allowance.

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