Bob Mackie label that Reads only Mackie on two piece suit

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    I found this suit in a thrift store and would love to know more about the specific label Mackie. I'm familiar with the Bob Mackie label but wasn't sure about this one. I've researched this and haven't come up with anything. Is it a division of the Bob Mackie Label? Would love more info and what I should price the suit for resale. Any information would be very helpful. I've included images of the suit and label
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    The color combinaiton on that suit is quite nice. All I see so far is that this is also his perfume line. Plus of course he had a variety of labels you can see on our Label Resource. There were Studio, Boutique, Evening, Wearable Art lines and more, I think.
    We can't do evaluations here, so the best thing to do might be to search for this label and suit in finished sales or auctions where there is an actual sale price.
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    thank you so much, I'll keep looking, nothing so far even on 1st dibs

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