Brooch with Hidden Pictures- Anyone with info?

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  1. VintagePassion

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    Ok here is a beautiful gold tone brooch that I had seen at the thrift store for about a month -- went on half price sale and couldn't resist. Got home and found out it had a little secret about it! the middle spins and reveals two old photos underneath. The brooch is quite heavy and there isn't any kind of signatures that I have found as of yet. The one end is secured with a pin/rod and no spring.
    ??? year? maker? anything? :)

    I will take better photos of the clap areas later tonight-- on lunch from work and am in kinda hurry..

    100_1553.JPG 100_1555.JPG 100_1556.JPG 100_1557.JPG 100_1561.JPG
  2. Linn

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    Your brooch is Victorian Revival from the late 1930's - early 1940's. If you Google Victorian Revival Swivel Brooch, the same piece is available in a silver finish on Etsy. I don't know if the seller's attribution is correct but you can do some more research and find out. Victorian Revival became very popular in the late 1930's early 1940's with the release of the movie "Gone With the Wind." Also , this type of brooch was worn during WWII (and previous wars) and could be referred to as a "sweetheart" brooch. Women would place photos of their husbands or boyfriend's who had gone off to war in the compartments.

    You found a nice piece of jewelry history!
  3. themerchantsofvintage

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    Secret compartment - very cool. I look forward to learning more about the piece.
  4. Metro Retro Vintage

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    How charming is that! It looks like Coro's "Hidden Treasure" brooch from 1938. You were very patient before buying it -- so nice score!

    ETA -- Just cross posted with Linn and Deborah above.
  5. VintagePassion

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    Thank you Linn, for the information and time period. I will do some more digging about this one . I do so love unique brooches! Soon I'll have to post a photo of all my favorite ones -- even though I haven't a clue to some of them..

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