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Burberry Coat time help

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by twolittlebeauties, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Hi all! I am new here and excited to spend some time over here. I am new to vintage clothing as well.

    I would love to have someone look at this coat for me. I think it is a 1930's style coat, although I had some people over at e-bay forums say they thought it was 1960's. For some reason. my guts just tells me that 1960's doesnt fit right.

    I also had a convo with someone recently that also suggested it was 1930's. Her reasons were the fact that the buttons are actual leather with leather shanks (not wood or plastic as seen in the 60's), the fact that is only partially lined (she said by the 50's most coats had a full lining) and the one thing that keeps nagging at me is the all caps Burberrys on the label. This actually matches the font on the 1930's label photo here on VFG.

    I did do extensive online research regarding labels on Burberry coats and everything I saw photos of from the 1950's had Burberrys with only the B was capitalized.

    I did check on the Oppenheimers store that this was sold at, even to the point of contacting the historical society there regarding the store. It burned down in in the early 40's, was rebuilt in the 50's. Unfortunately, this lead me no where other than this could be a 1960's or 1930's coat! LOL

    I am getting ready to sell this coat and I know if it is really an older (1930's) coat it will get some major interest going. Especially since it is in near perfect condition!

    I want to be able to feel comfortable saying this is a Burberry coat from the 1930's before I list it!

    I appreciate any help you all can give me. I am willing to take any photos you all need! Just let me know.

    Thanks for reading this far!! =-)

  2. Jluthye

    Jluthye Registered Guest

    hello.... i am hoping someone with more knowledge comes along


    there is a link I found about your lable... I dont thinks its 30s at all... possibly 60s.. but looks on the younger side I am thinking 80s and from what I have read maybe a knock off?

    The Modern version...1998 until current uses the all capitals....but does not have a s in the word.. the older versions have the s but are not capital... so one of 2 things.. its a super rare/defect lable or a knock off....

    Don't get me wrong knock offs are sometimes of superior quality.... and the bostalgia off the knock off is sometimes collectable... I rather like it...

    But I would dig deeper and if you can confirm or deny the lables authenticity, the more information you give the buyewr the more they may like this!

    I hope I am wrong but this should bump your question back up to the top!!! so we can get more help!
  3. Jluthye

    Jluthye Registered Guest

    Yep after reading more and more I am pretty sure its a fake... Prorsum line (the night) is their most expensive line and does not have an S with it... they have combined the black lable and this one... it appears....

    I still could be wrong but I doubt it,,,, also the coat may be older than the lable but I am not sure on the date either... it does look "young" to me but not sure how young!

    Good luck!!!
  4. Actually, the Prorsum line will have the word Prorsum underneath the night. All of the labels have the word Prorsum on the flag, although it is harder to see on some of the newer labels.

    If you look on the Burberry website, it shows the knight with the word Prorsum was first used in 1901.

    Also, the earlier labels used the word burberrys with all caps and the S.

    As shown here on this site: http://www.vintagefashionguild.org/...section,6/cat,59/task,view/id,111/Itemid,100/

    If you look at the top 2 labels, they are all caps and in the same font that my label is in.

    I am not 100% sure when they went from BURBERRYS to Burberrys, (I think in 1958 but not 100% on this) but I do know that in 1999 they changed from Burberrys to BURBERRY.

    This coat is authentic, that has never been in question. It is the time frame I am looking at.

    Based on the label my coat has, as well as the actual leather buttons with leather shanks, the half lining, and more I am believing that this is a 1930's coat.

    The one thing that throws me about this coat is the collar, but as I search more, I am finding more 1930's jackets with this type of collar, especially the earlier ones.
  5. Jluthye

    Jluthye Registered Guest

    haha all the hours i spent looking for you,, and when I went to our label resource I see the all caps in the 30's

    my apologies.... I still do not see 30s in this coat.. but that may be because it is in such great shape.. I am also not good with anything other than dresses...but I am starting to venture out... lol

    I hope you get some real answers as I am truely curious!!
  6. LOL! This is the first place I came and that label here is the reason I think it is a 1930's coat.

    Sadly, I am about to give up and list it with the information I suspect.

    I havev called Burberry, I even talked to the Historical society in Jacksonville to check on dates on the store. Not much more I can do on it!

    It really is in perfect shape. In fact, the only "problem" is the replaced buttons on the sleeves.

    It is horribly sad that I cant learn more about it as if it is truly a 1930's coat in this condition, it should be a museum piece! Well, in my opinion and we all know how much that counts.... LMAO!
  7. vertugarde

    vertugarde Alumni

    There are a number of pointers that indicate that this man's coat is later than 1930's. Wide reveres were fashionable. Leather buttons and shanks are commonly found on British coats much later than the 1930's. Tweed and leather buttons are almost synonymous. The lining, the machine stitching - especially the top-stitching - and thread and finishing do look later. Half lining a coat allows for the hands to reach through a vent pocket to the trousers/pants. It's such a classic shape that I think it could date from c 1950's to the 1970's.

    As to the label. Well, on this forum we often refer to the fact that labels were used by manufacturers a long time after their expiry date. e.g. label was used throughout the 1950's but was sewn into a garment made in the 1960's.
  8. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    I believe this is a 1950s coat. The two 1930s labels are from garments I owned that were purchased through Whitaker - Augusta auctions. The ladies' suit was authenticated by Karen Augusta as early 1930s, so I think we can say those are accurate. You will notice this coat label does not match those - this font is curved and contains a lot more information. It is also much fresher than the 30s labels, which were quite aged.

    More importantly, the fabric is a color combo ( tan+yellow+ orange) and type tweed popular in the 1950s - 60s. The raglan cut of the sleeves is also much more a 1950s style than a 1930s. I do think the longer length puts this in the mid 1950s rather than the 1960s.

  9. Thank you Hollis!

    I actually think 1950's is a good guesstimate on it. I saw somewhere ( I cant remember now I looked at so much stuff) that says something about Burberry registering a label in 1958 I think. So that may have been when they changed for the BURBERRYS to Burberrys

    (dont you think it is funny that we all know an approx age on Burberry by the caps? LOL)

    It was that 30's label here that was throwing me off! =-)
  10. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    This is a classic Burrberry(s) tweed coat for walking... no question...labels changed often....the label is good....overseas labels differ greatly in the past....the style remains the same...

    the length and finish to me suggests early 1950's, conversely also suggests everything right about the early 70's...imported obviously, dont know the usa store at all..but very difficult to date this classic, as lengths came in three different lengths, sleeves too..so there you go..
    it isnt a fake.

    VFG----l've often mentioned l was a fashion buyer and regularly bought form Burberry and Aquascutum, DAks in the 80s...and several other ladies fashion houses, please dont hesitate to contact me, l do think some helpful bio's regarding our fashio/specialist knowledge could be placed somewhere accessible in the vfg site..
  11. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    I agree with the dating as 1950s - reasons being, the type of tweed, the raglan cut and the shape and size of the collar, as well as the lining and the tailoring. Those leather buttons are common features on mens jackets and coats of the '50s and '60s but the styling puts it in the earlier decade.

    You might also like to consider that the buttons may not be original - it's common to replace them, and if they don't match the ones on the sleeves, that suggests that one or both of them are not original.

  12. Thank you to everyone for the valuable knowledge you have shared! I am now looking forward to getting this thing out of here! LOL I have spent so much time on it that I had been considering naming it and keeping it alongside my children.....
  13. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    I have given this more thought....it isnt right that the CAPITAL were dropped in the 1950's....

    they are on my own Burberry trench coat and its capitals 'BURBERRYS'...I bought this direct from Burberry in 1982...and thorughoutmy time buyin thats what they were...

    I actually recall the half lined coats were for the walking coats, because if they are fully lined, one gets all static and thats not good for country serious walkers.. the raglan sleeve is a clsasic to the style and the fashion of the decade/era doesnt come into effect when talking about basic Burberry wear.. in fact styling changed very little until the mid 1990's..
    the coordinate daywear when l was still buying from the 5th floor in regent Street, were only mildly fashion styled.......the leather buttons arent unusual.... but if different to the cuffs l'd like to see the cuffs...

    have you looked inside the pockets there should be a small white label inside..and some key info maybe on there..tell me if there is..also down the inside front lining seam, is there any label at all??

    all considered l think this may well be a late 1970's early 1980s coat actually...

    if only l saw it close up... and could look at seams, touch it...duh!
  14. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Sara's quite right - classic styles get used through many eras (especially when it comes to menswear) so I shall rephrase my dating to "no earlier than '50s". It could easily be '60s, '70s, '80s....

  15. I can tell you it is earlier than the 70's as the research on Oppenheimers was that they were bought out in the 70's and the name would have changed.

    Let me put up the other photos I have. I do believe that the cuff buttons were replaced. they do have a sewn shank (cant remember what they are called), but the threads were sewn all at once, not one at a time which is what I would expect from Burberry, KWIM?

    I can also tell you that when you look under the lining, you can see nova check sewn into the seam and then torn away. At first I thought it had been relined, but the lining matches every other piece of fabric in the jacket, so it appears that they used the nova check to reinforce the seams. Not sure why they would do that since it is a heavy twill? I will also put up photos of that.

    There is no size tag. Well, no printed size tag like we would see today. The label in the pocket has an order number that is very faded. No name. the best I can make out on the order is:

    A 40 34/1 then underneath US 35 449







  16. Sarah: No other label anywhere on this coat at all other than the ones I just posted and the main Burberry/Oppenheimers label.

    I would suspect if this were an 80' or newer coat that it would have a different type of size label and wouldnt it also need to have a care label as well? When did those start, in the 60's right? I am not 100% sure on that.
  17. Vintage_Visage

    Vintage_Visage Trade Member

    care lables are seen in the 60s but became a requirement in 1971
  18. Thanks vintage! I think that pretty much rules out any 70's or 80's on this jacket.

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