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Calf, Cow, Pony ? What kind of fur is this?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Rennie, Feb 23, 2021 at 11:21 AM.

  1. Rennie

    Rennie Registered Guest

    Hello, and thank you to everyone for any help with identifying this pelt. It has a very soft, silky feel to it. It is "marbly" and shimmery. I think the style is from the 1940's? Has squared padded shoulders and the sleeves flare out and are wide at the wrist. Is this calf, cow or ???

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  2. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    welcome, Rennie!

    have you had a chance to look through our Fur Resource? you may find it helpful, you can find it here. I'm sure other (more fur smart) members will pop by for you when they get a chance.

    padded shoulders and wide sleeves do suggest 1940s dating.
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  3. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest


    Nubuck, so cow-----I think.
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  4. vivavintageclothing

    vivavintageclothing Trade Member

    Hmmm, I'm wondering if it could be curly lamb (see karakul lamb, under Lamb-Sheep, in the VFG Fur Resource), with the longer curls of the outer fur sheared off, so that it looks like a wavy pattern left in the pelt, underneath.
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  5. Rennie

    Rennie Registered Guest

    I don't think it is karakul. I have another vintage black karakul jacket and it doesn't look anything like the pelt I'm trying to identify. I know it's hard to identify from just photos, but thanks for the suggestion. Will look at the Lamb-Sheep link you provided.
  6. I agree, sheered karakul/caracul. I have a beautiful 1930s peach colored coat with the original hang tag saying the fur.
    It should feel very soft.
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  7. Rennie

    Rennie Registered Guest

    Hmmm, interesting. Since there are two votes for karakul, I will take that as it being the fur type. Thank you!
  8. vivavintageclothing

    vivavintageclothing Trade Member

    I might be wrong, certainly! But it does look quite different, after the outer curls are sheared off... :)

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