Can you identify this signature printed on 60s-70s fabric?

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  1. Jazzygirl-123

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    I purchased a vintage 60s-70s dress containing a signature that is printed throughout the design of the fabric. I've wracked my brain and googled numerous attempts (Thomas Pauletts, Harry Paulette), but I simply can not successfully discern the name in the signature. Please see attached image. Super curious and would be grateful for any input. Thank you!

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  2. themerchantsofvintage

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  3. Jazzygirl-123

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    Nothing comes up when I googled "Thomas Fauletto," but thank you!
  4. lkranieri

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    The last name looks to me like Parlette. I can’t decipher the first name, but the first letter looks like an ‘H’ and there seems to be two ‘n’s or ‘r’s in the middle.
  5. Jazzygirl-123

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    Thanks, Lynne. Still haven't been able to find in a Google search!
  6. GemGem

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    Wild stab in the dark... 'Johnny Parlette'

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