Cape dating, 60s/70s or earlier?

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  1. Artistrybyjlowe

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    I have this cape that I immediately thought was 60s/70s but am now second guessing since someone mentioned the buttons and some details seemed older. Is there a good resource for showing differences in cape designs by decade? There are three buttons down the front, along with two small hidden metal snaps, a quilted lining, no labels, no overlocked stitching that I’ve found. I would love all your thoughts! Thanks!
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  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    The cape is such a simple classic cape shape. Going by the materials used, it does appear to be circa 1960s 1970s. The best clue I see is the lining which appears to be a synthetic material such as polyester, etc. Can you determine the type of fiber it is (natural vs synthetic)? The material of the cape itself looks like a lightweight wool or wool blend.

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