Cardigan/sweater era?

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  1. TaraIndia

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    Hi all,

    Found this cardigan in my local op-shop (thrift store) and loved the colour of it. I can't really tell what era it is though as it looks lile it could be early 70s but the design favours the 80s with looser sleeves to the cuffs.
    TIA :)
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  2. TaraIndia

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    Sorry accidently posted before adding images! It's made of a material called "Dralon" 20170811_163850.jpg and has an embroidered collar. 20170811_163850.jpg
    20170811_164052_001.jpg 20170811_163914.jpg

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  3. Circa Vintage

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    Dralon is a name for acrylic I think and David Keys is an Australian knitwear company based in Melbourne. 1960s for your cardigan.
  4. StitchesandSnags

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    Dralon is acrylic fibres spun by that company. I agree with 1960s.
  5. TaraIndia

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    Sorry I did reply at the time and thought it was posted but it was during site maitenance so it must not have been. Thanks so much for the information it's really interesting. Nice to have a locally made piece, shame more isn't locally made today..Thank you for the dating- I was a bit thrown with the sleeve construction but that's good!
  6. TaraIndia

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    Oh ok, It's interesting how a lot of companies had their own fibres and names for them. Thank you!

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