Carla is the latest castaway on my Desert Island Vintage!

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    I am trying to round up people for my blog series whose taste and perspectives on vintage vary from one another—but in this case, the guest star is pretty varied all by herself! Yet if you read her choices, you know she's got a clear style, and I think it's very cool.


    Thank you Carla!!
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  3. Furwise

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    I loved reading that from start to finish. That photo of you Carla was really cool. It was also cool was that I already knew some of the stuff about Carla that was written. :)
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    Love it! pinkeleemoti
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    Such a fun read and selection of favorites! I would have to say that Noggin's fashion portfolio stole the show as well. ;)
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    :drinkingtoast: A fun read! Thanks Maggie for posting.
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  11. Enjoyed reading about our very own, Carla!
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    Great choices by Carla (no surprise!!)--and a fun read! :) Thanks for sharing, Maggie!
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    Thanks for reading everyone! Carla's answers were a treat, and of course she has my boyfriend Noggin to show off :wub:

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