Catalina Knitting Mills "Cable" sweater

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    I recently got this sweater on Ebay. I have never seen this label before but am sure it is 1940s because it matches so many of my Catalina sweater labels. It is the "Cable" that is different. Has anyone seen a "Cable" label like this? Anyone ever see an ad for Catalina Cable?


    I have never seen a Catalina with short sleeves or no buttons. Anyone?



    Maybe this sweater has been altered? Included closeup shots of the stitching.


    There is no continuation of the stitching underneath the corner fold which makes me think it was not altered. If someone had simply rolled up the bottom, that stitching would be under that fold.


    I have another Catalina with this collar style, folded over.


    But all my Catalina sweaters have these types of edges. Even the cuff edges are finished with stitching.


    All thoughts and opinions are welcome. It was only $35, which I consider fabulous even if only for the label!
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    You may already realise this, but the knitting technique used in this sweater is cabling. The white and red stripes, because of the way they twist, are cables. So that will be why it's called Catalina Cable.

    Perhaps it's a range they brought out because they had acquired the machinery to do that technique? I'm not familiar with the history of machine knitting, but I'm sure machine cable knitting would take particular equipment (when you cable in hand knitting, you have to use an extra needle). So it may have been an innovation at this time?
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    Very nice sweater, Linda. Guess they were just trying to make it known with that label that they now had a "cable knit" line. Looking at it, it is styled more like a bolero jacket. I wonder if it had a matching slightly flared bottom skirt. I see it as 1940s, jitterbug / swing style.
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  4. lindapoirier

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    Yes, Catalina had different knits. Here is a "quilties" label because the sweater has a quilted quality.


    The "quilting" also has an earlier embellishment of pom poms. I even found an ad with the sweater.

    I have never seen a short-sleeved Catalina knit so I was wondering if it was altered or not and I was wondering if anyone has ever seen an ad for this sweater?

    MJ, that is possible but again, I have never seen a 40s skirt with a Catalina label. I've seen 50s skirt/sweater sets so it is possible.

    Edit. Found this ad but, again, it is nothing like the sweater in question. Other than having cable knitting.

    Something unusual about the cables on this sweater is that they are knit ON TO the blue background. The cable knitting is quite separate from the blue knitting. It sits on top.


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