Confusion about dating ILGWU labels

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by modamuzesi, Aug 29, 2019.

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    ILGWU labels always have been very helpful to date garments. However, recently I came by a piece that made me confused.

    I have a Pauline Trigere dress with red & blue ILGWU label. Based on the on the information in the Label Resource I was dating it 1974 or later, although I was thinking it should be from early 70's instead if mid-70's.

    Recently I came by the original runway photo and surprised to find out that, actually, it's from Resort 1972 collection.

    So, is it possible that it was in use before 1974?

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  2. modamuzesi

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    Any thoughts ?
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    Somebody else recently questioned why we have the dates we do on the ILGWU tags. I remember at the time those dates were based on something researched, not just guessed at, but of course the research itself could have been wrong, and I can't remember who did the research or what they had read. That's great that you have evidence of an earlier use for that label. It certainly warrants re-researching the tag.
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    Hmmm... I would think it unlikely for Pauline Trigere, and at that time. Resort collections are released at the end of the year, after the fall colletion, so the stock would have been made in the fall of 1972 for resale during the winter of 1972/73. That narrows the difference a bit...

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