Curious about Men's Accessories Set

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by michelle212, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. michelle212

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    I was wondering if
    anyone might know more about this Dior men's accessories set. I have a wild imagination and see it being part of a 1930s Oscars swag bag, or something. The pouch is soft leather, about 6.5 by 4 inches. All the pieces appear to be gold or gold plated. Any help would be greatly appreciated! IMG_20190313_102604.jpg IMG_20190313_103308.jpg IMG_20190313_103318.jpg IMG_20190313_103644.jpg IMG_20190313_103646.jpg IMG_20190313_102604.jpg IMG_20190313_102604.jpg IMG_20190313_103016.jpg IMG_20190313_103243.jpg IMG_20190313_103249.jpg IMG_20190313_103255.jpg IMG_20190313_103257.jpg IMG_20190313_103308.jpg IMG_20190313_103318.jpg IMG_20190313_103644.jpg IMG_20190313_103646.jpg
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    Looks mid 1960s to mid 1970s. Nice!
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    Thank you very much for the replies! I've attached more photos, and I must apologize for posting the previous photos twice.
    IMG_20190314_081753.jpg IMG_20190314_081834.jpg IMG_20190314_081805.jpg IMG_20190314_082816.jpg
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  6. michelle212

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    Thank you for the information! Is there any way to find more information about the set, like from a Dior-only forum, or something? I've been looking, but haven't gotten anywhere.
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  8. Jonathan

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    That English 'Gentleman' wall-street Ivy league look in menswear revives every once in a while... I remember it in the late 70s, but also the late 80s - cuff links, collar bars, traditional brogued shoes, braces, linen suits for summer, tuxedos for evening, even hats... It was 87/88/89ish - I bet that was when this set dates from. It was eclipsed by the gaudy ties look of the 90s...

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