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Discussion in 'Daaark-ness 2004 By Noir Boudoir' started by Noir*Boudoir, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    I didn't mean the blood drinking people...i meant the other people who don't drink blood but just otherwise think they want to be vampires.

    Anyway, i think you are right about the intersecting circles.

    And I wanted to comment on the catholic thing. I think it makes a lot of sense for Goths to be/have been Catholic or to just adopt the imagery and fashion elements associated with it if not The wearing of medals, large crucifixes, celtic crosses, and icons, relics, and so forth... is unlike any other major religion that I can think of that has such a for lack of a better image...such a vast pantheon. Its not about prim penny loafer wearing nuns of today, but more connected to medieval monks. It is not about church politics of today, but about another time long ago....mysterious..

    In fact an interesting side note....or not so interesting. My aunt (my mom's older sister) really really all she talked about as a kid and a young lady were to grow up to be a nun. And then Vatican II occcurred (for those of you that aren't in the know...how it relates to fashion is that women were no longer required to wear hats in church and nuns were no longer required to wear a full habit.) Anyways, after that, my aunt no longer wanted to be a nun..the mystique, etc, was all gone! The appeal was of course helping people, and she wanted to be a teaching nun, but if she couldn't walk around and look like that, then she would still help people out but was not taking the vows!

    The other thing i wanted to comment about is wiccans. In part of the wiccan practice different colors attract different energies. i.e. green is fertility, Black is protection and attracts positive energies..and there are others i just don''t know em all. Of course color on its own is very powerful in evoking moods and feelings in interior design, outfits,,,,they just take it another step further. So in essence, people who are true sincere earth oriented wiccans, are less perhaps goth and more, just wearing black for a different reason though....though i am sure goth fashion does attract some people in a crossover way.

    World religions and practices classe in long yon ago school is finally coming in handy!!!!
  2. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    I bet you are going to make us wait til late in the weekend for the pic of your outfit! I will have to start a petition LOL. kidding.

    anyway, this has gotten me much more aware to look out for those things. Not that i probably wouldn't notice anyways, but the more labels we know to look for the better, and I think that with the myriad of looks and styles, it gives us more ways to "frame" our items. Not saying to call everything "Goth" but items to dress a piece up with or breathe new life into something unexpected by showing "wearing suggestions" on our dress forms, mannis and half forms and widening the base and making it really relevant and fresh.

    There are some crinolines out there that might not be absolutely mint condition with special features and labels for a collector of such to want it, but are in excellent cond and highly wearable......they automatically have a new life this way.
  3. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    Well actually, Chris, I'm having difficulty fitting all my pics on my image host, so the display of the w/end photo hangs in the balance, heh heh!

    In the meantime.

    <p align="center"><b>A <font size="-1">SMALL</FONT SIZE> History of <font size="+2">BIG</font size> Boots...</b>

    Now, as far as I know, <i>these</i> were the footwear of choice for yer dark clad denizens of the Shades (Nightclub, Leeds):

    <img src="/goth/winklepickers.jpg" alt="winklepickers">

    And as a style they're still available, so the 80s revival has probably swelled the market again.

    But in Gothdom, things got... clumpier, as <b>Doc Martins </b>conquered the world c.1989 onwards:

    <img src="/goth/drmartens_1960.jpg" alt="dr martins">

    But soles that can withstand the acidic bile from the gums of Giger's alien aren't enough for yer Goths. Sometime in the late 90s, platform-lover Terry de Havilland designed some rather splendid specimens called <b>Transmuters</b> that immediately became a hit in the shops of Camden market:

    <img src="/goth/transmuters.jpg" alt="transmuters">

    These things lift you 5" up in the air and give you serious bone ache by the end of an evening's boogying. Dead expensive, I tried some on once just to see what it felt like. Poor old shop assistant thought he had a customer (I felt bad for making him do up all those buckles for nothing...)

    You can get some fairly spectacular attachments for these:

    <img src="/goth/transmuterswedding.jpg" alt="transmuters white">

    These are apparently a 'wedding' pair. You can get them in pink too. Actually, the Transmuter style has now been ripped off by numerous goth specialist shoe firms, and I believe production of Transmuters has now been ended. If you find an original pair in good condition for a <i>cheap</i> price, that's probably a good find...

    But the Boot T.Rex to the Transmuter's Velociraptor is the formidable <b>New Rock</b>:

    <img src="/goth/studdednewrock.jpg" alt="new rock">

    Somewhere in Andorra, Spain, the villagers are driving around in BMWs, eating caviar and offering hourly thanks to Our Lady for the fashion whims of Goths and nu-Metallers. The New Rock is <i>the</i> boot of choice for ladies and gentlemen of the modern Goth inclination. They're big. They have many different metal thingummyjigs to be nailed on all over. Some of them come with flames painted on...

    The future...?

    OK, I'm not sure how the New Rock species will be driven off its current fertile feeding ground, but these ones are making a serious challenge. The slightly less <i>earthy</i> <b>Swear</b> boots:

    <img src="/goth/swear%20air.jpg" alt="swear air">

    This 'Air' model is apparently popular with the ladies...

    Of course, if you're like me, and a bit of a <i>girl</i>, you'll be merely restricting yourself to slightly thick-soled varieties of Mary Janes (list under Gothic Mary Janes, or Dolly shoes). Demonia do a particularly good range of girly wedge platforms:

    <img src="/goth/bravo-05.jpg">

    This is about as high up as I've got...

    So finishes a scanty and swift survey!
    More soon...

    (Pictures are mostly stolen from cloggs.com and penhaligondreams.co.uk)
  4. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President


    Truth be told, in the early 90s....my feet emulated this look. The rest of my attire could hardly be even hinted at that it was goth. okay i wore my nouveau 40s peplum blazers and suits but most casual days, i wore jeans with the knees out in a more "grunge that bathes" look, but I did not slash my jeans on purpose...i earned those holes from slipping on theater catwalks high above the stage, horseback riding, and just walking around and being my less than graceful self....!!

    I had two pairs of clunky combat boots. One were not doc martens but were army surplus or the like and they served me well as i needed the strength of the toe area to protect my feet. BUT, since the whole combat thing was sooo popular, my local KMart came out with a version of combat boots in the early 90s! And the scarey part is....they are still in my closet!
    Photo to follow! They are nothing really special at all, but it is an example of the trickle down affect of fashion gone mainstream. and i was not into the whole "grunge scene" i just had an excuse to not throw away my jeans! Now of course ripped jeans often become shorts. oh gee, i guess that means i am a "grown up" now.
  5. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

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