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Daaaark-ness! Tome II

Discussion in 'Daaark-ness 2004 By Noir Boudoir' started by Noir*Boudoir, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    Wish I had more to add.... but I started getting rid of my extensive collections last year.
    I had the most divine PVC Coatney dress. It was cut below the bust so that you could choose a different (or no!) bra, with the dress straps widening to cover the bra straps. Bodice was very fitted, with corset lacing below each breast, but solid between that. The skirt was extremely flared and very short. I loved wearing it with a pink ruffled bra & matching fluffy pink petticoat. I may have a pic.. I think I wore it to Burning Man like that once...
    Egads.. I miss that dress!

    Here is a very 50's inspired black lace illusion set- the bra is trimmed in PVC. The garter is very wide, almost girdle-like, and has 6 garter straps. It's made by Versatile Fashions and was part of an expensive ensemble for the Rocky Horror Picture Show's 20th Anniversary preformance at the Pantages Theater.

    <p><img border="0" src="/goth/laceset18.JPG" width="364" height="604"></p>
    Somewhere around here I also have a black PVC corset trimmed in black velvet, also custom made by Versatile Fashions. I'll try and get pics.

  2. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    Ok.. this first one is lime green PVC (Lip Service.. if I recall correctly.) Worn with bra underneath that I had covered in silk flowers. Fun & festive. :)
    The second one I'm wearing the aforementioned corset.. with a Coatney top in some kind of faux leather with black edging... and the skirt is also by Coatney. Very innovative-- I call it my "Jetson's skirt" as it's made of two llayers of white tulle or net with stiff black edging done in such a way that it stands out from the body. Wish I had a picture of this while I was standing up!

    Both pics are clickable to larger versions... but i warn you that the second pic is HUGE!
    <body><p><a target="_blank" href="/goth/me%20at%20BM2000.jpg">
    <img border="0" src="/goth/me%20at%20BM2000_small.jpg" xthumbnail-orig-image="/goth/me at BM2000.jpg" width="149" height="250"></a> <a target="_blank" href="/goth/meandjo.jpg">
    <img border="0" src="/goth/meandjo_small.jpg" xthumbnail-orig-image="/goth/meandjo.jpg" width="187" height="250"></a></p>
  3. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    Found a pic of my favorite Coatney PVC dress ever!
    Mind you.. these were only test pics---- so the hair & make-up is hardly appropriate...

    <p><img border="0" src="/goth/tayfront.jpg" width="214" height="356"> <img border="0" src="/goth/tayback.jpg" width="185" height="344"></p>
  4. I also can't find anything much on Coatney. The best I could do was a couple of responses given to someone asking for a Coatney website, on another discussion board...

    "Catherine Coatney: Stylish fetish fashion for women in rubber, spandex, clear plastic.
    2415 Third St. #237
    San Francisco, California 94107
    (415) 431-7300"


    "They're a fashion house -- a designer, and they don't retail. They have authorized retailers (mainly fetish shops) throughout the nation -- it's pretty simple to do a websearch. Your issue is going to be finding regular items -- they don't have a catalog and items are released at will by the designer in a variety of fabrics. It's up to the retailer what they order, and often, they get one or two lots of the material and it's gone. Their cuts are not very uniform, however, they do cater to both petite and plus sizes and their industry-standard patterning is getting a bit better."

    VA-VA-VOOM, Lin and Kristine! I have no photos of me and the Coatney corset I had was one of a few pieces I parted with, last year, too. I have to say my favorite look with a corset is also a 'poofy,' petticoat skirt--either ballerina or 50s-crinoline styled, though. Perhaps it's something about being both vintage-loving and alternative-fashion loving.

    Now, I'm getting into maybe-OT stuff, but BURNING MAN, Kristine!? Wow! I just recently spent countless, glued-to-the-screen hours going through Burning Man photos and information. If you haven't heard of it or really looked into it, it's pretty AMAZING alternative-culture work. I remember hearing of "Burning Man," years ago, when first reading San Franciscan Rob Brezsny's "Free Will Astrology." I was amazed to see what it's become, though. Just WOW.
  5. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    heh.. yeah... Burning Man has been the opitome of counter-culture. We started going in 95, when attendance was around 600 people.
    Last I heard, in 2003, attendance was around 25,000. That makes it the 3rd (I think?) largest city in Nevada for about one week.

    I miss it.. but the last couple times I went, it just wasn't the same.
    I hear it's gotten better, though... kind of over the whole trendy identity it gained around 2k.
    I hope so. It was truly a spiritual journey until the frat boy genre showed up looking for nekkid chicks and drugs.

    I've got so many pictures of BM in the last 10 years it's just not funny. I attended in 95, 97, 99, & 01, I think. I was part of the Gigsville camp for many of those years (www.gigsville.org last I checked). Very creative. Very fun. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to use a lot of my old Rocky Horror costumes. :D
  6. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    <i>they don't have a catalog and items are released at will by the designer in a variety of fabrics</i>
    Well, good grief, no wonder everyone goes mad over each single item that surfaces. Am severely tempted to indulge in the outfit I've been eyeing up.

    Kristine, those outfits are <i>fantastic</i> I severely covet your wardrobe! I can see why that PVC corset dress is your favourite. How fabulous to have been able to wear these outfits at some really great events - Burning Man sounds really interesting. I read a couple of articles about it this time round. Over here, Glastonbury has unfortunately taken on an increasingly staid weekend-novelty air.

    It's occurred to me that I've neglected the corsetry side of things, even though it's central to so many looks. I'm still looking for a great corset dress to keep (the search centering around Sarah Whitworth!) and I'm perennially tempted to acquire more long-line steel-boned corsets to wear, even though in terms of the expense:# of wears ratio, it's not very economic...

    I must defer to Lei as the resident corsetry expert, and recommend her superb collection & write up on the lingerie resource, but a couple more instances of alternative/gothic corset-wear might not be out of place here:
    <p align="center">{<i>Corset Interlude</i>}

    <img src="/goth/perversion20.jpg" height=300><br>This is a shot from another regular London fetish club of somebody in a wonderfully put together outfit, including a steel-boned corset.

    </P>All sorts of varieties of real and faux corsetry are popular as goth ensembles. In terms of the proper steel-boned corsets, the most well known and sought after brand around these parts is Vollers, who have been in business since the end of the 19th century. Many of their classic models are based on Edwardian designs, although I see they've just launched an entire new trendy collection called 'corset culture' in order to exploit the current fashion revival of corset-styles. (I say corset-styles - I don't know what kind of substructure underlies the Versace ribbon-lattice 'corset' dress, for example).

    The other well-known long-established firm is Axfords, who use slightly less fine materials than Vollers and are less expensive (their corsets often seem to me a bit more bulky and, actually, sturdy than Vollers, so I'm not sure how both wear in the long-run).<p align="center">

    <img src="/goth/axfordscorset.jpg"><br>An Axfords corset - halfway between goth burlesque and wedding night!</b></p>

    Both Axfords and Vollers produce fairly simple, standard modern corsets influenced by their old models, rather than antique reproductions. Historical veracity doesn't matter to most of the goth market (apart from the period attire fans - and they have to go elsewhere for the earlier Victorian hourglass or straight-busted Elizabethan varieties). (n.b. Vollers have a black and white sewn in label in their corsets, making them easy to recognize for resale purchase; Axfords, as far as I'm aware, only have a sticky label on the inner lining, which falls off after wear).

    But in fact, faux corset-styles are as big, if not bigger, in the goth market than the tight-lacing real thing. Largely because many goth girls can't dance all night in the steel-boned kind (wusses!) and because watered down corset styles can be more suitable everyday wear.

    The recent mainstream fashion corset-style revival has fed into this - it leaves a lot of discarded worn-once-for-party faux corset tops to be taken up and re-incorporated in more baroque ensembles by the goths! 'Corset style' 'ribbon-lacing' 'bustier', 'boned' and 'basque' (regardless of precise definition) are all good faux-corsetry-shopping keywords to cram in for any garments of this nature.

    As for brands specialising in fetish, I've already mentioned Velda Lauder:
    <p align="center">
    <img src="/goth/veldalauder.jpg">

    </p>But another sought after maker is Amsterdam's <i>Demask</i>, who have been in business since 1990. They also have branches in New York, Nurnberg and Munich, and they specialise in pvc and leather fetishwear, including the most industrial buckled corsets!
    <p align="center">
    <img src="/goth/demaskcorset.jpg" height=430>

    Again, their stuff becomes available second hand very rarely.

    Please recommend any makers or styles that you think are good! When you spend $300 on a corset, you want it to be just right...

    <i>End of the corset interlude...</i>
  7. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    So in gothdom unlike edwardiandom....corsets go on the OUTSIDE instead of on the inside...similar to Madonna's gaultier ensemble, or the more misguided character whose name I forgot on that episode of Seinfield who thought a bra was a cute top and not a foundation garment.
  8. schoolsgirl

    schoolsgirl Registered Guest

    Ah yes Burning Man, many of our friends gather there, Ive always wanted to make it. Someday.

    I might try Yosa (on ebay, she also has a web store) for custom corsets.
    I had mine made by her in 99.

    Love the photos ladies!
  9. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Lei (crionlinegirl)...if you are out there...do you get folks that are not edwardian/victorian collectors but who buy the corsets to wear on the outside of their clothing or for ensembles such as this that you know of?
  10. cosmiccowgirl

    cosmiccowgirl Alumni

    This is such an enlightening and entertaining thread! I love it!
  11. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    Thanks for sharing things from your personal wardrobes as well! Lin, in your last post, second from the bottom...what would that look be? "corset goes Corporate?" (not that everything has a "niche", but previously discussed was the concept that people are trying to be nicheless, but just like any original thought, it eventually becomes "defined")
  12. Noir*Boudoir

    Noir*Boudoir Guest

    Hmmm, if I had to pigeonhole it, I'd go for fetished-up sexy secretary...

    I owe a few more pictures here, but I'm waiting for a scanner to be brought to life with a bolt of lightning harnessed by a wild-haired scientist...
  13. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    This has been so much fun, Lin. We will all have something to look forward to then! Hmm...i know I have a photo of me and one of my many pairs boots from eons ago around somewhere...just don't know where :)

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