Dancin' Queen-The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 20th

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    Dancing Queen

    Strictly Ballroom, dancing on the ceiling or an all-night rave? Let’s face the music and dance - from ballroom gowns to disco dresses, this week VFG members show you what dancing queens wear for dancing all night!
  2. The Vintage Merchant

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    At The Vintage Merchant (each dress is a clickable link):

    1960s confection:


    Western square dance 2 piece set:


    And at Less Than Perfect on Etsy this ball gown by Emma Domb:

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    Burda 5804_1.jpg
    Flamenco! 1980s costume pattern Burda 5804

    Swing! 1940s dress pattern Simplicity 4514

    Made for twirling around the dancefloor! 1950s full-skirted party dress pattern Simplicity 1153

    McCalls 5770_1.jpg
    Twisting and twirling! 1960s dress with attached petticoat pattern McCalls 5770

    Simplicity 5561_1.jpg
    Disco! 1970s halter dress and bolero jacket pattern Simplicity 5561
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    Love all of these! I miss the elegance of the day!
  15. mags_rags

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    photos are clickable links

    At magsrags.net, this 60s sheath was born for twisting the night away

    A 50s Suzy Perette that is made for twirling

    On Etsy, this 60s mini dress with a swingy peekaboo chiffon "cage" over the snugger beige underdress

    As Zoe, my spokesmodel demonstrates, this 80s dress is perfect for dancing

    And this one is a Coming Soon - 80s by Alfred Angelo - it includes the iconic 80s Big Butt Bow
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