Dating a black antique dress

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by acceber, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. acceber

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    I think it’s silk with some kind of sheer over it with beads. It’s not in the best condition. Thank you for your help.

    56FD7B47-29A8-4F97-BBDE-637050834A99.jpeg C52E51E0-AD2F-4240-B5F3-C6008AC80AF7.jpeg 2C7E97F8-F7C4-4459-B5F9-48FD06ECAF90.jpeg 8809B80C-60DA-4A81-82F8-F67CB8FF827D.jpeg 45767F3D-9341-4685-A9CC-F8FD7EAB286B.jpeg 873C8E20-4DAD-4AF8-B8D3-8010BC877C0A.jpeg E9AD97D3-6326-4025-9D12-32925C56BD8C.jpeg 7522590F-6262-4D2F-9C3D-FCE1DBC44427.jpeg
  2. The Vintage Stylist

    The Vintage Stylist Administrator Staff Member

    It looks like a Victorian mourning dress to me. Since the silk is shattered I would list as Study Piece if you are going to try to sell. It may *not* be one for mourning that's just my best opinion. I would still date 1880s/90s.
  3. Jonathan

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    The high waist, slim skirt, over dress, meandering beadwork pattern, and guipure lace are all typical of c. 1911-1913. The beadwork isn't done very well - I wonder if it was a mourning dress that was then decorated with black beadwork to make it more suitable for half mourning...
  4. pastperfect2

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  5. The Vintage Stylist

    The Vintage Stylist Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, this was bothering me all morning. As I initially thought it was 1890s I agree with the others...that cut is Titanic era...1910-1915 would be a better date.
  6. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    Thank you!

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