Dating a black dress

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    Not sure what to make of this one as I’m suspecting it was homemade. It buttons down the front, and the buttons are hidden, with a snap at the collar and two hook and eyes at the waist. I think the fabric is some kind of silk. It’s swishy and silky. It has shoulder pads. Two pockets. All the seams are pinked. It’s a very long dress. No tags or labels anywhere. Thanks for your help.

    79D01499-EAC3-4972-A24F-5548ABE1BBEB.jpeg 3C469E7D-B498-4EB0-8D77-82808EF61620.jpeg 9353F7EA-CD17-4C2A-B3A3-96C1841F2EFF.jpeg C6E51AA9-A310-4E38-8E53-27843DDA4332.jpeg 0854D88D-5F97-4387-84B5-62208B8E6AF4.jpeg 37C120E7-7987-472B-B026-F3E9AC7643C8.jpeg B95E1547-01D4-4D1C-BC97-218DA0AC86BD.jpeg View attachment 112996 27E0E4E9-774D-4618-9E13-25FC4C105050.jpeg 32083447-8F25-4A86-9C2D-22B2929F07F5.jpeg 4EE99BB2-3067-425A-9B33-333188FBE403.jpeg B74D35FC-3F97-4A9B-BC6A-D57A54B7BED2.jpeg
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