dating a blouse 70s? 90s? or costume?

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    E1DD844C-0481-4E60-AA14-9CA6F4077C74.jpeg 1962B415-7EED-46DD-A50C-857EF806B78A.jpeg 6A427877-B465-456E-9B9A-68C6BAB2B401.jpeg 1A42A744-5AE3-4C14-A796-AAC0C2100E25.jpeg 85127E7D-64BA-4DDC-8EA3-A1260EB51188.jpeg 1C475974-CB44-4F0F-8F43-D9D65B6F7114.jpeg D20B0E75-AA47-4B1D-8320-6013FE09615A.jpeg F1C534E9-7A12-47F7-952C-226B20D42DD0.jpeg appears to be handmade or something, has no tags, appears to be a lace up blouse, with a very 70s collar what do you think? is very soft material
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    Hard to be certain without any labels, but it looks 70s to me. There's nothing to rule out 70s at least. Great print
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    Wow - that's a lot of pattern!

    I see 70s too.
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