Dating a long coat

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    Hello. I’m looking for some opinion as to how old this coat might be. Originally I bought it thinking it was modern and awesome looking with some skinny jeans, but after I got it home I took a good look at it and now I’m not so sure. I suspect it was homemade, maybe. There’s no tags or labels anywhere. All of the seams have binding except for the arm holes are unfinished. It has no shoulder pads but some fabric insert. I think the fabric is some wool blend. It’s a bit itchy. There are no real pockets. The collar, cuffs and fake pockets are velvet. It’s all machine sewn but the hem is very neatly hand sewn. If this is homemade, it was sewn by an extremely meticulous person. Thanks for your help!

    92AB943D-CD93-4493-B896-BAFEA31F78C7.jpeg F75EEB72-5618-48D0-A93B-184D5039D3B5.jpeg 0C595DFE-8955-4DEB-8686-F0BDEF3AD1CC.jpeg 31A46232-545B-44FD-9BF1-9B6FFEF3768F.jpeg 8E35942C-70D6-4FC7-B85F-FD1B62C303CD.jpeg 56D1A15D-A2B6-4C2B-830B-9BFC3FE92218.jpeg A9CD888D-3674-4390-A3F8-607B79C1548B.jpeg 938A064E-FB7D-45CA-A666-B0A532CE0AAC.jpeg
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    That is a beauty! I suspect this might not be a coat, per se, but a coat-dress. Meant to be worn alone and not over a garment except of course for a slip underneath. I am not 100% sure, but it looks that to me. The style looks late 1940s to early 1950s.
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    Thank you! Yes it would make more sense if it were a dress as it’s so thin.

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