Dating a Marimekko cotton blouse

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    Hi all! Came across this Marimekko all-cotton blouse at a thrift store and have not been able to accurately date it. In the pictures attached, you can see it's not a typical print, and the geometric shapes, colors, and 'puffy' sleeves lead me to believe 80s? Maybe 90s? There's only one tag (which looks slightly different from the labels I've found exploring this site) and the inside of the label is slightly different from the information I've been able to procure as well. Any thoughts on the time period of this piece would be greatly appreciated!

    IMG_20190312_184536.jpg IMG_20190312_184547.jpg IMG_20190312_184554.jpg
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    looks like mid 80s to me, lovely pattern!
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    I agree, the label looks a little older than their current ones. You could try and search here for your pattern:
    It's not a complete collection, but the Design Museum in Helsinki has a very large Marimekko collection, hence this resource.
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