Dating a suede coat

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    I'm so sorry I seem to be inundating you with posts! I've just acquired a rather large lot of clothes/bags/hats from an estate sale and I have question on several items.

    I got this lovely (and pretty flawless) womans suede coat for $1 today. I'm having trouble finding information regarding the label except that it was established in 1936 and the company now goes by the name Jean Guise by Tanatar. Would I be correct in thinking that it could be from the 70s? It is definitely earlier than 1988 as telephone numbers in Turkey went from six digits to seven in that year.

    Thanks again :)

    21277912_10156686495179768_856122523_o.jpg 21297830_10156686495369768_1636357960_o.jpg 21362167_10156688219219768_692474053_o.jpg
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    That's pretty. 80s.
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    Bear in mind businesses don't always immediately change their labels or stationery when those kind of changes happen. The label with the older phone number could have been in use for some years afterwards 1988.
  4. I agree with 80s due to the styling and shoulder pads. Very nice coat and it looks very warm
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    Thanks for all the help :) There are actually no shoulder pad in the coat .. it's just a little large (I think the lady it belonged to was on the larger size).
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