Dating a wedding veil

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    This is modeled by my very reluctant 14 year old, so it’s not being worn properly, I suspect. It’s elastic at the back. I think the sides should sit and perhaps be pinned to the sides of her head? It would bring that crown up some. Or maybe it’s meant to go right over her head with that front piece more like a hat brim? Anyway, someone has sewn more modern elastic over some very brittle older elastic. Any idea how old this lovely thing might be? Thank you for your help!

    Edit to add - I have reason to believe this veil belonged to someone who was born in 1913, for whatever it’s worth.

    DC555728-F2EC-41D5-9FA0-2AD29C082AAF.jpeg 03A98A93-0037-4D07-ADFA-69A062F6DD92.jpeg 8A626513-3815-4CD8-A5BB-14AAE56DE789.jpeg 1CB6C469-4F6A-471E-8040-71AF77B9B919.jpeg 17B816C3-B6F1-4B5C-8D9D-932B04AA43EF.jpeg
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    Your daughter is lovely. How nice of her to be your model.

    These can be a bit difficult to date without handling them. I get a sense of 1940s from this one, maybe a little later in the decade or even early 50s. The fingertip length made me think it was a young girl's communion veil at first. but it has those tiny buds which are more bridal. Are they original to the veil? The netting is not the super fine net or maline one generally sees on antique veils, it has a more mid century look to it. Might you be able to tell if the netting is silk?

    Others will come along I am sure who might be of more help.
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    I think the buds are original to the veil. As far as the netting, I know what you mean as I once had an antique veil and it was quite different to this one. This netting is not silk. I personally thought it be from the 50s but that doesn’t really match up with the age of its owner or her mother. Of course that’s assuming it was worn by either of them when that may not be the case. There is no way of knowing now, sadly. Thank you very much for your help!
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    Oh and thank you about my daughter. She’s such a good girl!
  5. I too see 1940s and you are correct, it should sit back further.
    She is lovely and very nice model.
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    Thank you!
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