Dating an antique blouse

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    My second cousin brought me a small box of vintage goodies at our family reunion yesterday. She said this blouse belonged to her husband’s aunt. My cousin and her husband are at least 65-70 years old, if that helps. Anyway, I think it’s silk or silk chiffon. It closes along the front with hook and eyes. I think that’s Irish lace too? Thank you for your help!

    DC3D9779-1855-4C56-9248-F1C743E9AC42.jpeg 0729BBF5-4B94-425D-BE3A-AB9A66BE78B3.jpeg E435C92B-2675-46AE-85BF-FC09044E843D.jpeg 1D5ECACD-F946-4988-B88A-69D95C3A5300.jpeg 239A9E3D-284A-413C-AA2A-75390A3D6144.jpeg
  2. Very pretty! I'd say 1910s, maybe very early 20s.
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